Hey guys I'm very new to this way of eating and living and have only been at it 5 days, going into my sixth day today.
I have not found it hard at all except for the coke zero but I have managed to not have any.
My energy levels are increasing and I'm no longer bloated, I had to laugh this morning when I got online and seen the thread below about Bras as I dont wear one first thing in the morning but my breast usually rest on my bloated tummy, well this morning something felt different and it was my breast have to stay up there on there own.
So thing are doing great so far, my very overweight 15 year old daughter is excited to learn how to cook primal meals for us all ( trying hard not to push the aspect of diet and weight loss onto her at this stage as she is suffering depression and under the care of professionals) but in my heart believe that this will be so good for her, so have decided to involve her in a fun way and only have primal foods at home for her to cook and eat. Hopefully the rest will fall into place.

Sorry for the long post, just had to share how great I'm feeling, have lost 1kg and looking forward to continued progression in this healthy lifestyle.
Carmel Perth Australia