Hi All!

OK, I'm having issues with my diet/supplements regarding my iron/ferritin.

So I did blood work and it turns out that my iron is in the normal range (13.0) but my ferritin was 20 something.

My doctor did not comment on that and said that I "can continue taking iron pills if I wanted to". However, upon research I have read that excess iron can be toxic. So my question is how can I raise my ferritin without taking my iron itself to over the normal range??

Everything else was normal, except the autoimmune antibodies were a bit high but he said it was nothing to worry about.

It's kind of depressing me because my skin is always yellowish/grey and dull and my hair falls out. My dermatologist said I needed to increase ferritin up to at least 70-80 to have healthier hair and healthy skin tone.

Supplements I take: Colostrum, and I have substituted iron with a beetroot extract complex (3 pills before food) as a more natural source of iron.

I have heard that yellow dock helps with ferritin - does it increase it without affecting the iron levels and taking them up to w toxic level?

Also, could low ferritin be a reason of my low concentration and energy?

If someone could clarify this for me - I'd be very grateful.