I've been primal for just over 6 weeks, I would say I'm 95% primal, the only thing I've had to account for the 5% really is one serving of rice and still have the odd glass of dry wine. I am enjoying the lifestyle, the diet appeals to me. Weightloss is around 19lbs so far, I've been doing Kettle Bell personal training sessions too. I'm feeling great, lots of energy, happier with my body (still would like another 20-30lbs off though). This week I have found it more difficult to eat my meals, telling myself its fuel and nutrition. I am eating 2 meals per day, usually fasting from dinner the night before until lunch the next day. I had a 24 hour fast this week which was easy. My food is varied, delicious and we enjoy cooking. My problem is that I'm finding eating a bit of a chore, don't feel hungry and am not really enjoying the food when eating it (even though I know it's tasty). Anyone else get like this sometimes? Maybe I need to do a long fast to kick start my appetite again?