Hi guys,

I wanted to share my fav salad with you; a salad with greens (spinach, iceberg, any salad greens you like, iceberg is my pick, but it doesn't contain a lot of nutrients) and sour herring from a jar. It's quick and easy, I eat it for breakfast all the time!
The pickled herrings I buy at the Lidl, a 700g (400g of herring) jar for 2 euros. It's MSC (wild also) and the taste is great, although you are either a fan or you hate it.

2 large pickled herrings, cut into pieces (I use a pair of scissors for this)
half a red /yellow bell pepper, cut into pieces
2 rather large tomatoes, cut into pieces
Salad greens of your choice, I use half an iceberg crop for both volume and crunch. (:

Just throw everything together, add some balsamic vinegar if you think it's not yet sour enough, and add some (walnut) oil. You can play with quantities 'till they are to your likings. Sometimes I add pine nuts or mac nuts for extra yumminess.