Hey there,

Newly primal and have been working really hard at making it work for me, and am spending all my willpower staying away from sugar, wheat and processed carbs.

I'm having one huge problem though. I'm pretty young, don't have much disposable cash, and live in the middle of nowhere in a really small town (I can't wait to move to the city in about a month - I figure I'll have more access to farmers markets etc).

But my issue now is meat. I really would like to try grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, etc, but I just don't know where I'm going to find it. I did find one farm nearby that has a website, but it was really intimidating, and you have to buy like TONS of meat and do alot of the cutting yourself.

I'm a real newbie in the kitchen, and like I said, the prospect of all that is just really intimidating for me. So I'm just looking for advice. Has anyone been in a similar position where they haven't been able to find the "pure" meats that they would like to? Are there online resources that you would trust to order from (I'm in Maryland)? And how much am I cheating myself by eating more conventional cuts of beef?