I've been eating paleo for about 2 years. GI issues before primal - LOTS of bloating, gas, diarrhea/constipation. I cut out wheat and literally 90% of my issues resolved within a week. First year and a half everything went along beautifully. Never really lost weight but looked a bit better and always felt better (constant energy, etc). Over the last 4-6 months all the bad GI stuff is back - perhaps worse. The bloating that used to be mostly only in the afternoons/evenings pre-primal is now after nearly every meal. It is not uncommon to look more preggers than friends who are really 6 months pregnant! The only meal that does not cause pain is rice cakes with butter or cream cheese. So for the past week or so that is both breakfast and lunch and I just suck up the discomfort after dinner so I can have some veggies and meat and fruit/dark chocolate for dessert.

I've dabbled (briefly) with GAPS and SCD and FODMAPS in the last few months. After feeling crappy (for the 3-4 days that I can stick with them) on such restrictive diets I just go back to my rice cakes with cream cheese.

I have a hydrogen gas test and a colonoscopy scheduled for early May but am just so fed up with feeling bad And this certainly doesn't help with the comments from family like "if paleo is so good for you why are you sick"? Sigh.