Ok great, this all sounds great. But I am so discouraged. To try to do this on a serious budget is very difficult. You may say, "Oh well there are many things you can make yourself." Great and I try that, but when I try to make things sometimes they don't turn out. Then what is my family supposed to eat? "Whipping something up" is not really possible. I have a family of seven. The kids are 9, 7, 4, and 2 year old twins. I do not have a lot of extra time since I do a lot of other things to save us money as well like hanging our laundry for example. The ready made stuff is all so pricey I just can't afford it. I guess the biggest thing is our family likes variety. Also, I do a big grocery since we are not in town and meat gets frozen so if dinner doesn't work out I can't just throw some chicken on the barby cause they are frozen solid. Leftovers don't happen very often and when they do they get taken for lunch. I just got over the flu that left me not eating for 2 days. Great opportunity to start with a clean system! But I hadn't gotten to do groceries so there was nothing in the house but crap. We don't have the money to just toss it all and waste the money we spent on it. I am trying to use it up sparingly. Ugh! I hate the way I sound right now. What a complainer!! Please some busy Momma out there that is pulling it off share your secrets!!