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Thread: Buffalo Kill and Hello!

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    Buffalo Kill and Hello!

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    Hello, I've been lurking for a few weeks and gradually eating more primaly and I finally have occasion today to introduce myself and post something...

    I work at a school on a Native American reservation and today we took the entire high school out for a buffalo kill. It was amazing. There were many prayers and ceremonies to the earth, the directions, and the buffalo before we started. Then the principal went out with a rifle in a pick up truck, and three school buses went off-roading through the pasture! After two buffalo were shot we watched as they were gutted in the traditional way and everyone had the opportunity to eat raw kidney and liver right out of the buffalo! Raw buffalo liver is regarded as a traditional medicine. I tried both. Awesome.

    The buffalo were a gift from grandmother earth to the first people here for them to live from. It was a beautiful thing to see the way we should be interacting with the earth and our food.

    I could rant about the current state of nutrition on the reservation and the continued effects of government commodities and Indian Health Services... but I feel a little too peaceful right now, maybe another time

    That's my story by way of introduction, nice to meet you all!

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    Wow. That sounds amazing.

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    Awesomeness. Welcome.

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    Very nice to meet you and welcome!
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    Welcome to the tribe!

    The buffalo hunt sounds like fun. I'm a big fan of hunting myself. You'll find a number of us here.

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