Hi guys!

Still new to everything here, but love what I'm seeing so far. I also just watched the 'Sugar: the bitter truth' lecture and my mind was totally blown. It totally makes sense why fructose can lead to obesity by new fat production.

However, this is probably a really basic question, but just because a high-fructose diet DOES lead to metabolic syndrome does not necessarily mean that a high-FAT diet DOES NOT lead to the same thing. I'm no scientist, believe me, so I'm sure there is an explanation, I just don't know it. It just seems that if the concern about fructose is that it leads to new fat production - why does just EATING more fat solve that issue? Isn't that just like skipping the fructose step and plunging straight to fat?

So basically, for pale/primal "high-fat intake" to work, there must be something different about that dietary fat than the fat produced by de novo lipogenesis which happens when fructose is consumes. So my question is, what happens to that dietary fat that you take in that prevents it from being stored and contributing to weight gain?

I hope that's not a stupid question, and I hope I was clear enough!