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Thread: Books You Learned the Most From?

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    Everyone Poops - by Taro Gomi
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    superb suggestions to consider here with us. i suddenly liked it a lot...
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    In addition to the books already listed, I liked "Deep nutrition" by Catherine Shanahan.

    Also, another vote for "The Gnolls Credo" by J. Stanton. I'm rereading it now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paleobird View Post
    I do the warrior diet. I tried doing it once before going Primal and it didn't work. Just led to overstuffing during the one mealtime. But, since i have been ketogenic, I have drifted back to it naturally. This time it doesn't feel forced as in, "What time is ti? Can I eat yet?" It just doesn't occur to me to eat more than once a day.

    I've never read the whole book but I would like to. Do you happen to know if it is out on Kindle?
    I have The Warriot Diet on Kindle, so it is out.

    Nobody has mentioned Practical Paleo. It's basically a Paleo biology primer with targeted meal plans and recipes. If I could only have one Primal or Paleo book, sorry Mark, but it would be Practical Paleo.
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    its encyclopedia and britannica
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    the complete series of britannica
    life and science
    animal kingdom
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    The Protein Power Lifeplan by Drs. Michael R. and Mary Dan Eades.

    Lots of scientific explanations. And if it gets too technical, each chapter has a wrap up breaking things down.

    Chapter 4 on cholesterol is pretty freaking awesome.

    I didn't follow any of the diet parts, but loved how they explained everything.

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    Some of my favorite nutrition themed books-

    -The Alternate Day Diet by Dr. James Johnson (about alternate day intermittent fasting-the plan I followed to lose 40ish lbs)
    -The Fast Diet by Dr. Michael Mosley (about the 5:2 intermittent fasting plan-some good info on IF and its potential health benefits)
    -Rethinking Thin by Gina Kolata-loved this book! It's about the history of the dieting industry, and goes in depth about studies that have been done/are ongoing about dieting and obesity.

    Recipe books-

    -Everyday Paleo : [embracing a natural diet & lifestyle to increase your family's health, fitness, and longevity], by Sarah Fragoso
    - 4 Ingredients : more than 400 quick, easy, and delicious recipes using 4 or fewer ingredients by Kim McCosker (this is not a primal recipe book, but there's lots of primal friendly recipes in it, or ones I was able to easily modify. She also has a 4 ingredient gluten free recipe book and I have a library hold on it right now).
    -30-minute get real meals : eat healthy without going to extremes by Rachel Ray (normally I'm not a fan of hers, but this recipe book is decent. Its got a low carb slant and many of the recipes were primal friendly or easy to modify)

    Exercise books-

    I absolutely love Mark Lauren's strength training book, Body By You (for women, his one for men is You Are Your Own Gym). I've been doing it for just over a month and I can see a noticeable difference in my upper arms, shoulders, back and bum. And it's only three days a week for 3o minutes a time!
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    I've scrolled through this with interest. I'd like to know if anyone has any specifically UK/European recommendations? The landscape of food here is really quite different to the US, and it can be frustrating reading facts that have no bearing on your own country! No More Dirty Looks, which is about green beauty, is a good example of this. A great book, but after reading all the abhorrent facts, it will often say - however in Europe this isn't the case, they have XYZ laws to prevent this. I never know how many facts when it comes to agriculture, animal treatment, etc, are applicable over here.
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    But I Deserve This Chocolate
    50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food
    Eating Mindfully
    by Susan Alberts

    Mark Hyman's Ultramethabolism and Blood Sugar Solution

    Gnoll's Blogs on Hunger, Why and Hows (the best ever)

    Why Are We Hungry? Part I: What Is Hunger? Liking Vs. Wanting, Satiation Vs. Satiety - GNOLLS.ORG

    Art DeVince's book (New Evolution Diet IIRC)

    William D. Lassek Why Women Need Fat

    Thimothy Ferris 4 Hour Body

    Honorable mention goes to the Wheat Belly for its unabated broad strokes.
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