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Thread: How important is it to eat right before/after workout, in your experience?

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    Not as important as most people think it is...
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    Quote Originally Posted by UTfootball747 View Post
    Any benefit to white rice over brown, or just a preference? I usually eat brown rice...
    White rice doesn't have the phytic acid of brown rice, but also loses much (all) of it's vitamins.


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    I cannot lift heavy on an empty stomach either. Same story as not on the rug and sbhikes... I just feel weaker, kinda offbalance. However, I eat lunch at 1 and work out after work, so I avoid that pretty easily. I also drink milk while I work out, in addition to a PWO meal.

    Also, post workout is prime protein uptake time. But I think a lot of the guidelines out there about amounts and doing it within a certain timeframe are overblown. Just eat some protein and you should be fine.

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