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    vitamin D.....low low low

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    Ok, so I get a call from the doctors office, with all the blood tests I had the only thing she called me on is my Vitamin D, this is normal for me living in Canada and all....I do take it but not on a regular there an amount I should start with and some way to absorb it better; I know its fat soluble . Is there a brand that is better than the rest?


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    I like Carlson's Solar D Gems. All natural sources. Cheap on

    Take early-ish int he day with food for best absorption.

    If your blood level is below 50 nmol/L, then I would take 8,000 IUs (these come in 2,000 & 4,000 IU gel caps) for 3 months & get re-tested.

    More info at

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    My n=1 (personal experience) is that it took me supplementing up to 10,000 IU per day for several months just to get my levels up into the 40s from below 20! I took it in liquid form, from a dropper, and mixed it in the water I drank with breakfast.
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    Hey grok,

    I second Dragonfly's suggestion to look to In Canada, you won't find any vit D in dosages higher than 1000iu, and taking 10 tablets a day is asspain. Most of the drops I've found have questionable carrier oils, too. The other dosage recommends here are solid...I brought my own levels up from the 30's to 110 in about 3 months over this past winter with 6000iu/day.

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    I took 15,000 a day for a few months to get it up to 60. Now I just take 10,000 a day to keep it high.
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    I had to take 6000 a day to get it from the 30's to the mid 60's. Taking 4000 a day for maintenance.

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    Another 10,000/day person here.

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    Canada doesnt have sun?

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    50,000 twice a week for 12 weeks then 1,000 per day

    This is the second time I've had to do this and I live in the sunny Southeast.

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    I got you all beat LOL

    i went from 16 to 110 in three weeks. I dont play around with this :-)

    100,000 iU daily till i got my 2 million in.

    That was soo 2011 now i just take powder twice a week 100K iU bought in bulk.
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