I've been tracking my food with cronometer these days to make sure I'm not missing on any nutrition. When I see I didn't get enough of X, I just eat that food. I feel like my diet is getting more balanced, less lean protein, more starch, more seafood, etc. My mood and energy have improved as well since adding starch.

I posted before about veggies making me bloated and constipated. So I cut down on leafies and cruciferous veggies, and replaced them with beets, sweet potatoes, potatoes, pumpkin, gourds, etc. Still I get gassy. Sweet potato and potato make me very gassy.

I take probiotics (greek yogurt, kefir) a few times a week or so. Occasionally I juice green leafy veggies to avoid the fiber. But if I take away veggies and tubers from meals, what else can I eat with meat/fish?