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Thread: What do you think about Memory Foam? Safe or not?

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    What do you think about Memory Foam? Safe or not?

    I know most people automatically think of memory foam mattresses, but I am actually in need of a new computer chair and have been looking at the temperpedic models since every computer chair I've ever had goes flat and uncomfortable after just a couple months. I know the termpur-pedic seat cushions are made from memory foam. I've read about how memory foam mattresses are made from potentially harmful chemicals and the off gassing has made some people sick. But what about a small office chair? Do you think it's enough to be concerned over? It's not a mattress so I wouldn't be facedown into it. My only concern is my computer desk is also located in my bedroom, but sits across the room a good 6 feet away from my bed. Thanks for any advice.
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