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Thread: new job and food

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    new job and food

    So I'm pretty new to the "diet" but have been a long time reader/investigator of paleo. Just finished massage therapy school and got my licence. I have a full time job and work as a MT 1 day a week right now which amounts to about 4 hours of massage. Think 4 hours of low level aerobics. So my issue is that I'm usually EXHAUSTED after a shift. I want to move into more massage work andstop the FT work. While its partly a conditioning thing, being really tired after a shift also has to be a nutrition thing. When I'm being stricter with paleo i find its harder to stay full - I'm always hungry and its worse after massage work - and all I want is to eat lots of carbs. Anyone have similar jobs/experiences? What works for you to stay full and keep energy levels up? When I start working as a MT more, I don't want to be so tired after every shift that I don't want to do anything the rest of the day!
    Thanks and cheers
    Ps: my goals with paleo are to lose weight but also just feel better. So weight loss is a priority for me.
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