Hello there!

I have been following the general principles of the primal diet for over two years now and it has made me feel great, lots of energy and as a shift worker I am coping with my odd hours better than ever. Weight wise I never had a lot to lose, about a stone, that it is now gone but the main thing I notice is how I have lost it in all the right places and kept it where I wanted it too!

Something I have noticed over the last couple of years is that anytime I have veered off the primal path and had spells of eating the wrong stuff, I end up with a cold. I am sitting here now with a grotty one and I have no doubt that it is because I succumbed to quite a bit of rubbish over Easter. I didn't envelope enjoy the stuff, I love my primal food! So now it's time to make the commitment 100% and be a full time cave girl!