Hi. I'm new to the forums though I have been lurking for a while. I have just posted in Meet & Greet with my back story, but very briefly I have had a long period of illness due to EDS type 3 aka HMS (hypermobility syndrome) and my fitness has got very low. Primal has turned that around and I am now getting fit again. But I am coming from a point where my upper body strength particularly is very low and my joints are still quite susceptible from having got so immobile due to my HMS.

I am now on the up and feel ready for push-ups. I have been reading about them in Mark's articles and watched the videos and yesterday I tried the first progression (standing against a door). I can easily do 25-30 of those and my body is nice and straight - no cheating. So I figured I should try the next step - knee push ups. But I can't do a single one.

So any tips? Do I need to keep doing the ones against the wall for a lot longer before I move onto the next step? Or do I just need to keep trying until I can do one? Would some technique tips help?

I do astanga yoga so I am regularly doing planks etc.

Thanks in advance!