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Thread: New to Forum - help with Push Ups page 2

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    Stairs sounds like a great idea - thanks!

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    Just a quick update - I have found the stairs and incline advice really helpful. I found I could do 10 against the kitchen worktop so started working on improving that. I'm in the kitchen a lot so I can just do them whenever the mood takes me, which is very handy. Am up to 15 now so an improvement already. I also do some on the stairs and have spotted lots of other, sturdy, lower surfaces around the house and garden that I can look to progressing too when the worktop gets too easy as well. Thanks for the help!

    We have ordered a pull up bar now! If anyone had told me a few months ago that I would be doing side planks, push ups, sprints and ordering a pull up bar I'd have looked at them like they were crazy. At that point my goal was to stay out of a wheel chair. This has all been incredibly empowering.

    ETA I just managed 18 against the worktop - so more progress than I had realised.
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