Hi Everyone

I would really appreciate some suggestions on good books I can read on Paleo

I don't mean recipie books more books on body functioning and the imapact of food and lifestyle.

Every book I have read has really hooked me and they help to keep me really motivated.

I have read

The Primal Blueprint Mark Sisson

The Primal Connection Mark Sisson

Why We Get Fat Gary Taubes

The Paleo Solution Robb Wolf

The Paleo Answer Loren Cordain

Sweet Poison David Gillespie

Fat Chance Robert Lustig

I have Wheat Belly on order....

Is there anything else.....

I am just loving these books...and I am finding the more I understand what is going on in my body the more motivated I feel to continue on my health journey.

I work as a psychologist and am only weeks away from starting my own private practice and want to focus on total health. In the absence of a course that addresses my beliefs on health I am self educating with books and eventually hope to supplement my knowledge with some short courses.

Many thanks