Ok guys here it is. I train 3 days kettlebells with lil barbell wrk and 3 days bodyweight, nothing extreme.

The problem is I have leaned out in the past never reached body% goal,the body was beaten and really think had some hormone problems going on. At the time caloric intake was 1,500 1,800 and had to take a long break for rest and recuperation.

I am now starting with 2k cals a day with higher fat (trace carbs) and one carb refeed a week(ala carbnite) today I will have had 140grams fat and 132 protein,I plan to keep fat higher lchf and protein @ 0.82 per lean lb body mass,I will do this for one month.

What I want the input on is I am not a novice and yet something is wrong in the fact I went from 186lb to 190lb with 2k a day.

My job is more physical than most and I train along with higher fat than protein and according to all the literature I have read my body should simply be burning fat like crazy and yet I am getting fatter,so, does this mean even though I am a training male @ 5'10 I am consuming to much calories or that I have a metabolic problem that needs to rebbot and or hormone i.e low T? I will be getting a hormone panel done soon to answer that one.

Any thoughts? advice?