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Thread: Need help with recipes - I'm breastfeeding and have dietary restrictions :(

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    Need help with recipes - I'm breastfeeding and have dietary restrictions :(

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    Hello all! I'm hoping you can help me. I'm breastfeeding, and have discovered that certain foods lead to painful gas in my poor little one; namely dairy, eggs, and nuts. Dairy isn't such a big deal, but with eggs and nuts out, I'm having a hell of a time figuring out what to make, especially for breakfast! I can only eat so many dinner leftovers as breakfast before I start missing a good ol' fashioned breakfast /sigh

    I could also use some suggestions for dinners... My standby is stir-fry, but it's getting a bit old. The husband in particular is starting to complain. We also do a good beef stew, but again, it would be so nice to be able to mix things up a bit

    Do you have any favorite dishes that are super easy to throw together?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I've got carnitas in the oven now. They are so good. Search MDA for Crispy Pork Carnitas, the only things I do different is no bay leaf and use a quarter teaspoon cinnamon instead of a stick.. They are great for dinner, but wonderful for breakfast too. Your husband will love them. Oh and so easy too. Takes 10 min tops to put together and clean up mess.
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    Farmers cheese is lactose free. I don't know if that makes it ok. But if it does farmers cheese with cooked apples with cinnamon and raisins is pretty breakfast-y and tasty.

    Mashed sweet potatoes or winter squash with cinnamon might be good.

    I'm off eggs for a bit to test it and breakfast is tough!

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    mine is a little sensitive to dairy, too. We love bacon in this house, and I do a lot of smoothies (they're fast and taste good, and cover your basic macros-- fat, protein, carbs). I use coconut cream and almond milk for the smoothies. Lots of meat & veggies in other parts of the day.
    Is it all dairy your LO doesn't do well on or have you tried goat's milk/cheese, heavy cream, and raw milk? Regular milk makes Annee fussy, but she does okay when I have goat cheese. It's rough cuz *I* feel better when I have heavy cream in my diet, but she gets fussy.

    I love pears cooked with bacon and goat cheese
    --Trish (Bork)

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