I started workout/nutrition routine at a gym in April of 2011, the trainer/nutrition counselor recommended CW diet, low fat, low carb, lots of plain chicken, the work out was 3x week and I was to have 6 meals and drink casein before bedtime, I also had whey protein post work out. I did that for 5 months and saw results. It was too expensive for my budget and after that I started to do Crossfit, this was in september, then CF led me to Paleo/primal, this was in November of 2011.

Since going primal I lost the bulk of the extra weight I had very easy, about 15 lbs, however, I feel that since then my physical progress at the gym has stalled, or at least progressed at a dying snail's pace. I don't feel that I am getting any stronger, nor do I see any increased muscle mass. I CF 3-4x week and can't seem to be able to increase the load, its driving me crazy! I have been wondering lately if it was the casein that was helping me build the muscle?

What is everyone else doing in terms of supplements or to support the work out routine?

My stats: Female, 110 lbs, excercise while fasted and take aminos prior to workout, 3 primal meals/day, sometimes dark chocolate with nuts and berries for dessert.

I am not trying to look like a body builder, but I'd like to see some tone, some definition to my arms, abs etc. I also don't feel strong, when in outdoor settings I don't perform the way I think I should based on what I constantly read here and other paleo and primal sources, not to mention CF. Example, went water skiing last weekend and lets just say that I spent more time swalloing water and swimming than skiing...

Thanks for your help!

(Sorry about the long post)