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Thread: Too much sweat?

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    Too much sweat?

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    Hey, I dont know if anybody has had exerience with swating too much but I do. If I walk a little bit I sweat, Im ALWAYS hot and Im tired of such bad smelling sweat. Could this be a SAD diet or just how my body is? If anybody has had experience with this, did it change after going primal?

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    A friend of mine is a heavy sweater. It's just the way he is. If we go on the same hikes together, I won't even break a sweat while he will be completely soaking wet with salt stains all over his shirt.

    Personally, I started to sweat a lot less after I got in better shape. I only ever drip with sweat now when it is humid. Washington state, where you say you are located, is humid even though it is cold. You might feel less sweaty out in the desert.
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    I used to belong to a Paleo yahoo group where a number of the members felt they have been cured of their hyperhidrosis (excessive perspiration) by eating a Paleo diet.

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    I've always been a heavy sweater, and when I turned 16 or so I started having such bad pit and hand sweat that I didn't want to be out in public on hot days (3/4 of the year in Southern NM). I realized that drinking hot caffeinated coffee was the root of my uber sweat, so I gave that up for a while. However, I find that being primal has helped me cut down on sweat, and it definitely helped with odor. Good luck, you might want to look into the caffeine.

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