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Thread: Applying Fitness principles to your Diet

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    Quote Originally Posted by dilberryhoundog View Post
    So if your feeling stuck on the nutrition section of this blueprint, have a look at it from a fitness perspective, try to "train" your metabolism to be good at doing lots of things and doing them well. Kinda like how we want our physical bodies to be. Have a go see if it works for you. It definitely worked for me.
    I did this sort of by accident. My only food "rules" were nutrient dense and keeps me from feeling miserable eating at a deficit. While my weekly calories were at a deficit and low carb by SAD standards, daily everything was all over the place. I would IF some days effortlessly and be insatiable others. The longest plateau I have had in the last year that wasn't clearly caused by extended pigging out was 3 weeks. I never thought of it as training for metabolic versatility, but maybe that's what I've done.
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