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Thread: What to expect?

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    What to expect?

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    My hubby and I have been total primal just since this past Sunday, so only 4 days. I've done "detox" before, but he never has. I wondered, starting out primal, we completely cut the sugar and grains, and it's only Norwegian Salmon, Chicken, and a little red meat here and there, with lots more veggies and even more fruit than we've ever eaten.

    My question - is it normal for this to act somewhat like a detox? Our stomachs are seriously reacting to this, and I'm not sure if it's the PB or if it's a stomach virus. We don't feel sick or have cold sweats like we would with a virus, so I'm just wondering if it's our sensitive tummies' way of getting rid of all that crap - literally.

    Did anyone else have this experience just starting out? We eat alot of fresh spinach, cauliflower, and squash so far. We're still drinking coffee, black, and we don't drink milk anyways. If this was mentioned in the book, I've just forgotten...tell me if you had a similar experience, if we should be worried or just wait it out.

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    Yes, it's called the low-carb flu. It passes faster if you just cut out all carbs until it's over with. Your body is shifting from running on glucose to running on ketone bodies.
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    Yeah I used to get like that when I first started fasting because I still had too many carbs in my diet to run on nothing at all.

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