I rarely shop at Whole Foods because I no longer live near one and it's too expensive.

However, when I travel, sometimes I will stop into a WF to pick up some supplies because I know I can find healthy options there, which are usually in short supply when traveling.

I recently stopped into a WF and thought I'd get some food from the hot buffet/prepared food area, and was shocked when I read the ingredient listing. I'm not talking about the weird vegan dishes, but the meat-based dishes. For example, they had pulled pork with an ingredient list just as long as any fast food menu, and included all sorts of 'healthy items' such as hydrolyzed wheat gluten (in pulled pork!!!), soybean oil, high-fructose corn syrup, and lots of other nasties.

Deciding to nix the hot food, I thought I'd get some organic grass-fed roast beef from the deli area. Not only was their roast beef selection not organic or grass-fed, but the ingredient list contained CANOLA OIL. And of course, being Whole Foods, the price tage was three times more than any supermarket roast beef.

I don't buy baked goods, but once I started looking at the ingredient listings for their cookies and desserts, I realized I could have been reading an ingredient listing on the side of an Entenmann's package.

There were plenty of people in the store, happy to fork over a small fortune for the same quality they could have found in their local gas station convenience store. I don't get it.