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Thread: wow, Whole Foods has really gone down the crapper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kwaggz View Post
    I agree with you PicklePete. If I don't go into a store with a list, I end up browsing and spending way too much. Here, our farmers market is on Saturday, and prices are pretty steep. I'm beginning to look for meat outside of the stores, as there are a few farms around here that are doing organic/freerange/pastured meats. For produce though, you can't beat Whole Foods. There is no healthfood store, or TJ's, or EarthFare. Louisiana is not a health-conscious state, and it's very slow in changing its views. I appreciate what I can find at WF and don't buy many processed food products from there, so it's not a big deal to me.
    So true. Whole Foods is not perfect, but for those of us who live in certain parts of America, it can be a godsend. Affordable coconut oil, cheap frozen grass fed liver, organic cabbage for my kraut, full fat yogurt, kelp granules, and occasional sales on goodies like dark chocolate and raw honey. Overpriced in many things and full of crap (as their brutally honest CEO John Mackey himself admits) but I'd be a less healthy person without them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jfreaksho View Post
    While WF does have issues, in my time working there I got the impression that the company/management really do believe that they are doing the right thing, for the most part. .
    I agree with this to some degree.

    I go to my local WF much less often these days because other stores have started selling grass fed meats, organic chicken and veggies at much lower prices. When I do go to WF, I'm greeted by a book display with a sign on it that reads GOOD HEALTH STARTS HERE. The books at the display are things like 'The China Study' and several of Dr. McDougall's books. Makes we want to scream. Of course, conspicuously absent are books like 'The Primal Blueprint' 'The Paleo Diet' or even 'Wheat Belly.' I also can't help but observe that many of the customers and employees are seriously overweight. I swear that every time I go in, many of the employes are noticeably larger than they were the last time I was there. I know the employees are very conscientious and knowledgeable about the products and are probably trying very hard to eat what they believe to be healthily. I'm guessing that at least some are vegetarian or vegan and can't figure out why they are so huge. Makes me feel bad for them as they are all very nice, but I don't know them well enough to suggest they read the TPBP.

    But I won't cut the upper management of WF too much slack. WF is a corporation, and US corporations are bound by law to increase shareholder profits. Though they sell animal products, they are very much about the high starch vegan and vegetarian thing, including healthy whole grains, legumes and all things soy. So they have a vested interest to keep their employees and customers from learning that a good portion of the healthy products that they sell may actually be making them fat and sick. And WF sells plenty of products guised as health foods that have flavor enhancers/appetite stimulants, so they can be certain you'll be back for more, and more and more.

    Mark, if you're reading this, if you send me a box of TPBP books, I promise to slip a few onto that book display every time I go in. I mean you can't get arrested for shopgiving can you?
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    Whole Foods is a higher-end grocery store chain for rich Boomers and Xers. I will have to go take a closer look for the A2 milk. I was actually just there a few days ago and eh, it's kind of a boring store these days. I don't much care one way or the other what they sell now that I've finally gotten out from underneath the Health Food Spell.

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    They updated the roast chicken ingredients from the hot bar at my local WF. Contains: wheat, soy. Fuuuu -.- There goes my clean protein option...

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