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Thread: Yet again, another question on the losing weight catagory

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    Yet again, another question on the losing weight catagory

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    So seriously, I need some insight on this whole thing.

    My journey started out Mar 1, I went 30 days with ridged clean eating. Easter came and we had a 96% primal dinner...then two days in a row we went out for dinner (Brazillian BBQ) and (Chinese-no MSG)(yes I know its salty)

    Back to clean eating now...nothing that isn't primal. Two days after eating out; I step on the scale and I am up damn near 3 lbs. Seriously can you add that much weight on in 2 days of different eating?
    How in the hell does the 80/20 rule work if you are trying to lose weight?
    I mean I was so strict the first 30 days, I lost 7 lbs. We indulged as we had out of town company.
    This is the part that confuses me!

    BTW...stats...female 46, 170 ish
    breaky includes bacon &/or egg
    water and a dinner of meat and veggie and/or salad
    approx. calories 1500

    That's my usual routine

    Advice and insight greatly appreciated

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    It could very well be water weight. If you ate any wheat, it takes some up to a week to shed the inflammation that comes with it.

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    Also if you ate more carbs than you normally do, that would be water weight. 3lbs is really nothing to worry about, it should come right off after you get back into your normal routine. It could also honestly be a litttle backup in the plumbing (if you know what I mean) 3lb would not be out of the question there.

    see what the scale says tommorow, hopefully it will be right back where you want it!

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    Make sure you have enough cals for your activity level, and keep at it! My weight did a little up and down but lost much over 6 months. Long term!

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