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    I did gradual. I realized I was treating my weekly indulgences as family members and needed some time to euthanize and grieve them properly.

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    The fact that so many people have had success either way means there's no one right way.

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    My personality causes me to want to jump right into everything. My personality also makes it so that I will fail when I jump right in (whenever the thing I'm jumping into involves giving up a bad habit or addiction). So I jump in, fail multiple times, then realize that easing in is the way to go. Then I ease in. Still in the process of easing all the way into this paleo thing.

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    I went all in because I knew I would fail otherwise. My coworker who I convinced to go Primal went all in as well and it has worked well for her. My boyfriend tried to ease into it (limiting grains at first etc) but it was easier for him to just go all in.

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    I jumped right in food-wise, since I was used to cooking from scratch at home, so I just had to adjust the meals I cooked a bit and avoid bad stuff when going out... But I took it easy in the fitness/lifestyle department since... well, that was a mess!!! I added a decent bedtime here and there... started doing some bodyweight routines... still working on it. What I'm trying to say here is that you should just do what you think will work for you! Some people are good at slow changes and some people just switch into a completely different lifestyle in a night.

    Whatever you decide, good luck and enjoy the ride!

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    Ok, I don't know or understand what ketosis is....? I have google, I shall use it.

    I am doing this for health and weight reasons, more so health reasons.

    I have jumped in to everything I have ever done, so yes I guess that is my personality!

    I am just trying to listen to my body as well as I can, and I really want to stay with this lifestyle because so far, nothing else has worked for me. And this feels right. It feels like this WOE has staying power.

    Thanks everyone for your input.....yes I am all in already...will see how I go....make adjustments, eat a little rice maybe.....and remember this post if I need help
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