Hello Everyone! Newbie here!

Just finished reading the book and am ready to get started..

I am a guy who needs to lose over 100 pounds.. I have been mostly inactive since college, more than 20 years ago. I was very athletic in high school and college, I played football, baseball & basketball.. That all came to an end with a knee injury.. I sat around for the next severall years feeling sorry for myself and not doing anything to get back in shape.. Now I sit here weight 350 pounds and hate every minute of it.. I have tried several FAD diets all to no avail.. I have a couple of friends who have gone Primal and are loving it so here I go.. I am willing to go full-bore with this, just hope I can stick to it.. 20 years of bad habits is going to take a while to break..

I look forward to any advice and support anyone is willing to give me and it is MUCH appreciated!