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Thread: (Raw) Dairy, Leaky Gut and Opiates

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    (Raw) Dairy, Leaky Gut and Opiates

    So, I've been really ambivalent about the dairy I've been consuming. On the one hand, the raw cheese, cream, and milk makes me feel full and deeply satisfied, like it quenches a deep need within my soul.

    On the other, I am feeling really, really terrible, and I don't know if it's the dairy (in addition to the thyroid issue I have).
    -weight gain
    -like there is a muffled scream inside me
    -very tired
    -brain fog

    I should point out that I have a leaky gut, which I'm trying to heal. The recommended diets for leaky guts include removing dairy and grains and sugar. At first I cautiously re-introduced dairy, but now it seems that I might be having trouble with it. Or is it just my untreated Hashimoto's???

    I've been searching the internets and found some information about how especially for people with leaky guts, the protein casein in milk gets broken down into morphine molecules which pass into the brain of folks like me. I read one person's post about how going off dairy was harder than quitting smoking. Although I've never smoked, I believe that this is the case with me as well. Every time I decide to quit dairy now, even the thought of it causes tears to well up in my eyes. I believe I am addicted. I don't know what to do. Should I quit cold turkey? Or ease off a little bit per day? Also, when I've tried to quit dairy, I inevitably start eating other foods which are bad for me, like endless amounts of smoothies or nuts and raisins (fruit and nuts make me feel worse than dairy). Also, I don't care if there is some opiate effect. Feeling good is good, as long as there aren't any more adverse effects...

    Alternatively to all this focus on dairy, it could be eggs or coffee which is causing me to feel bad. Or maybe all of the above?!?!

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