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Thread: (Raw) Dairy, Leaky Gut and Opiates

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    theres no reason to omit it if you thrive on, even if its not "primal". who gives a shit it works for you, works for me, for your gut be sure to eat plenty of it fermented and drink the whey from your cheese (that's good stuff). I haven't been able to get raw dairy for a week now and had no fermented foods in my diet anymore because of it. Yesterday I was in the ER for what they thought was an appendicitis. Turns out my intestine was inflamed which they called colonitis. A result of good bad bacteria overcoming good bacteria. Don't worry about all these people say this isn't paleo or whatever. They couldn't even get close to a paleolithic diet if they tried unless they are going into the wild and getting their own kill, eating the whole thing, living in dirt, covered in good bacteria, ect, ect, ect. Do what works for YOU.

    P.S. take a look at the composition of the rest of your diet because I doubt it's the raw dairy and more likely some kind of vegetable your sensitive to. And as for all the rice eaters, have fun eating something that's been genetically modified. And then all of these people tell you to omit dairy, but then they admit to still eating some dairy...that's ridiculous
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