Hi there, I'm PseudoDiva. I have struggled with my weight all my life, though most people would not think I had a huge problem as I have never been more than 50 lbs overweight. Last January, after having two boys in two years, I walked past a mirror and didn't recognize myself. I realized I had to make a change. I lost nearly 30 pounds from January to May of last year simply by eating Primal. I discovered a gluten sensitivity, so that is gone from my life forever. Then in May, about 6 months postpartum from #2, I plunged into depression. After months of this, I was finally diagnosed in December with a thyroid issue. I never gave up on eating Primal, but the holidays didn't help and I do love my wine. Sadly, I have gained back a lot of the weight. All my pre-baby clothes fit, but they're getting tighter.

I have committed this next month to eating Primal-as close to Whole30 as possible, since that's the way I lost the most weight. I'm looking for support and encouragement along the way, as well as trouble shooting. A missing piece for me up to this point is exercise. I have started doing yoga videos once a day. They help to center me and keep me focused. It is VERY hard to get in long exercise routines with two little ones running around...and the stress makes it hard not to rely on quick fixes like chocolate or wine!

So, hello.