This is not another thread about should I lift heavy, I already know I should, and I do. But rather, what I witnessed at the gym today and how it put any slight doubt that might have been stuck in the back of my mind about 'getting bulky' to rest for good!

Usually there are no women lifting at my gym, but today this women (guessing late 40's or older, I'm really bad with ages) comes in and starts benching some weight! She threw the 45s on just to warm up. I'm thinking damn girl! What was so surprising about seeing her do it was that she wasn't very big. 5'5" tall or less, and very fit looking (no bulk, just extremely healthy). They way I think a lot of women would love to look. So she's going about kicking butt lifting weights and some guy comments that she lifts a lot of weight. Her response was "after doing it for 30 years you get good at it" in a nice polite way. Years of lifting weights and looks great! No bulk!

I thought it was cool, and I love seeing and hearing things like this, so thought I would share!