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Thread: N-3 and n-6 ratio and the result of fat vs carbs on body composition?

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    N-3 and n-6 ratio and the result of fat vs carbs on body composition?

    Morning everyone. I have a couple questions I was hoping someone could comment on. I was wondering if trying to balance omega 3 to 6 ratios to 1:1 is practical if even possible, and if so where did this originate from? A quick look at the average ratios of certain food groups is as follows; walnuts are 1:4 and they have the best ratio over all commonly consumed, though they are absurdly high in PUFAs, which would clearly make macadamia nuts superior in regards to the subject in question. Beans are roughly 1-1, the majority of seeds, corn, soybeans and grains pretty much don't get better than 1-10, fruit ~1-2, while vegetables can vary around 2-1. Poultry is around 1-14, and that's goose fat. Grass-fed beef is about 1-2 (with low PUFAs) and salmon is about 12-1. The majority of food sources clearly have more omega 6 than 3, but is it worth worrying about so long as you don't have health issues concerning the matter? Personally, I only live near a walmart (yeah I know) so I don't shop there and go to the albertson's across the street instead, but they're only so limited in their variety (so no grass fed or pasture products, only about 10% organic food :/) which means chicken, eggs, turkey, and wild seafood (sardines and salmon preferably) are my staples in regards to animal protein.

    Secondly, I was wondering what the changes in body composition would be between someone who consumes.. lets say the fat/protein/carb ratio is (55/25/20) compared to (25/20/55) with most of the carbs NOT coming from sugar?

    Personally I don't advocate calorie counting, stressing over precise macronutrient ratios, etc. but knowing what foods contain is definitely good information to have.
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