Hi all

So this is my ... 4th attempt at going Primal, having failed each time before. Lack of planning and prep was the main reason for my failures in the past. As such I've come up with and tried a general day-to-day plan for what I will eat that makes it very simple for me (the more effort/cooking/prep/washing-up needed the more likely I will fail due to lack of time/tiredness). But as I'm still very new to this I'd like someone to have a look at it and tell me areas where it could be improved, or at least if it's an acceptable starting point for me?

Breakfast: Smoothie with coconut milk, almond butter, egg yoke, chocolate whey protein powder, water - simple because I can whisk it instead of needing a blender which is a pain to wash.

Lunch: Salad and meat selected from a shop near my work (always fresh from that shop - and I can avoid packing a lunch/prep)

Dinner: Either a big pot of soup (meat, veg, spices, etc.) will have been made to last half the week and I'll eat some of this, or I'll throw some meat and veg in to roast with a good helping of butter (I decided to consume butter for now)

Snack: Another smoothie (same as above) - will look in to adding more snack food options in the future as well.

So I'm wondering if it's ok to get 600+ of your calories in a day from coconut milk (2 smoothies taking up 1 tin which is about 615 calories). Am I eating enough meat/veg?

Is this a good enough starting point (if I get going and can be successful I can then adjust in the future as I see fit - I really just wanted to make something that I thought I could do as easy as possible to start with - I am super busy with too much work and college at the moment to do much better).

Any obvious pitfalls?

Thanks a lot!

Oh yeah I'm a 29 year old female, would like to lose about 15 pounds - if that makes any difference. Thanks again.