Dear Mark,

I recently read a book by well-known nutritionist Kimberly Snyder, called The Beauty Detox Foods, and in it she says “digesting animal protein creates all sorts of bi products in the body, like purines and ammonia products. These are absorbed into your blood stream and circulate through the body. When your blood is clogged with toxins it cant circulate as many beautifying minerals, and these toxins can age and clog the skin cells of your face. Furthermore, excessive protein consumption overworks the lvier and kidneys. Ammonia, which is a breakdown product of a high-flesh food diet, is a direct toxin to the body. It has been found to create free-radical damage and cross-linking (a process associated with wrinkles and ageing). Ketosis, which may result out of a low carb diet, makes the blood acidic. An acidic body tends to age faster. Take a look at people who are on high protein, low carb diets and see for yourself. These people tend to look “hardened” and older than they are, which is what I call the “old-skinny” look when the skin has lost all its youthfulness.”

Kimberly says that if you must eat animal protein, eat it once a day at the most and at dinnertime, so that during the day your body’s energy is not wasted on digesting animal protein and can be used for detoxing, cleansing and free to create beauty and energy.

I just wondered what you think of this? I know that the Primal diet is all about balance, but a lot of the meals at breakfast and lunch and dinner do focus on animal protein and I just thought i’d raise this controversial issue….!