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Thread: What is YOUR preworkout snack? (Strength/Weight Training)

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    What is YOUR preworkout snack? (Strength/Weight Training)

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    I have been doing my workouts fasted (5-6hr 'Fasts'). Basically skipping Pre-WO and relying on breakfast to fuel my WO. It's ok, sometimes I feel energy isnt there, but I want to gain mass, so im thinking of reinstating the Preworkout meal as I want to gain weight.

    Before I tried fasted w/o's, I had a shake full of fatty stuff, I didnt really measure it, I just chucked aload of crap in.

    -Heavy Cream
    -Glob of Natural Peanut Butter
    -Yoghurt (0% fat FAGE Greek Yog)
    -Squirty cream if heavy wasnt available
    -Raw Egg or 2
    - Coconut milk.

    I remember reading Pre-workout meals actually take energy away, as the body is digesting, so I thought id try fasted workouts. Incredibly they are fine, but Im not so sure, because surely a 2 hour preworkout meal surely would provide suitable energy for an intense workout?

    Thoughts? What are your preworkout meals? Im looking for something more measurable / reliable.

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    Hi Bolivar.
    I'm pretty much in the same boat. I fasted pre- and for a while post-workout for a few months. Since the beginning of the year, I've added a pre-workout snack of a can of sardines + a small apple or small sweet potato, an hour or two before I workout. Then I break my fast as soon post-workout as possible. When I was fasting, I still maintained my weight, but since I've added calories peri-workout, I've gained a good bit, about 5-6 pounds over about 3-4 months.

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    Hi guys, i'm looking to gain mass and I eat a pre-workout meal of chicken and nuts a couple of hours beforehand. Do you think i'd benefit by cutting this out and eating more post-workout?

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    Do we eat to hunt or hunt to eat? It seems we evolved to do the latter. So I don't think pre-workout food is necessary, whether you want to gain mass or not.

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    I've been eating lots lately and I'm trying to put mass on my now skinny frame (aside from my slight belly that still hasn't gone away! ARGH!). What should one do in regards to this?

    Also, is it wise to be eating the 0% fat yogurt and the peanut butter?

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    I was thinking the same thing about the 0 fat yogurt and peanut butter...

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    If I eat before a workout, I will barf.

    Why are you wanting to eat 0% fat yogurt or peanut butter?? Neither are PB foods last time I checked.
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    My schedule is usually

    Short walk pre-breakfast
    Caffeine plus a meal (protein, some carbs, coconut oil)
    Digest for a little, then go workout

    So I guess I usually eat a light mix of protein/fruit, and coconut oil

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    I work out fasted, always.

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    I usually workout either at 5:30pm or 6:30pm depending on what time I get off work..I have tried not eating since lunch and working out and for me, my WOD's suffered. I wasn't able to lift as much. So, now at about 3:30 or 4:30 I will have a snack. It is pretty much always the same...a serving of almonds and a harboiled egg or 2 servings of nuts. This seems to do the trick with getting my energy up and digests in time for my workouts so I am not full or feel sick. I also drink lots of water or tea in the afternoon to keep me hydrated and found that it helps a lot as well..downside is I have to pee all the time! haha

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