For the past 11 months I have been following (99%) of Mark's advice on Paleo living. I was feeling better than ever and I was maintaining my weight loss from the hCG protocol. I was getting a little (ok, more than a little) frustrated because I hate my body composition. It is the same as my fat body only smaller, despite lifting heavy things, taking long, slow runs (never exceeding 65% of max heart rate, except when sprinting), sprinting, getting sufficient sleep, etc... My only deviation was the occasional consumption of small amounts of rice. I was actually feeling great. Really great.

When I read that my body composition could be a result of leptin resistance I thought, "hm, this is probably the problem."

I am unable to get the tests that are recommended as I live in the middle of nowhere Chile and we have socialized medicine here, so if I want these tests I have to pay 100% out of pocket and I simply do not have the money. Period. No amount of berating me about my health being more important than anything else, because the funds simply do NOT exist.

So, I tried the leptin reset and almost immediately felt worse. Profuse sweating all day long the first few days that lasted overnight, disrupting my once un-disruptable sleep. I've become headachy and my sinus allergies have returned along with arthritis pain that I have not experienced in over a year.

I'm not sure if that's part of the process in the initial stages or if that is a sign that I'm making a massive mistake and that I should just go back to doing things Mark's way?

Thoughts, anyone?