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Thread: I'm back and looking to lose 20-30 pounds! Need some tips!

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    I think carb refeeds can be very useful, although whether you are ready for them yet is debatable. Going on your weight and height I'd say yes. I personally have had good success with this strategy from about your weight, relatively speaking because I'm taller. I just have a couple of days a week when I eat higher carb, and moderate fat, using carbs such as fruit, rice and potatoes (and wine or cider occasionally too). I often experience a little water weight gain, especially on the occasion I stick the two days together, but within a couple of days I lose some weight overall. I'd just made sure you don't eat too much salt with your carbs because this causes extra water weight gain, but it can be easy with carbs - salt on potatoes/tamari on rice for example. Check out Mark's rap on refeeds:

    Also, if you include butter and oils, I would ditch those for the main part. Such a dense supply of calories is not needed when you are trying to lose fat; other foods have more nutrients and will probably leave you more satisfied. HOWEVER I am definitely not saying you should do really low calories. I have experienced that metabolism does slow down having decreased calories for a decent amount of time. I personally have slowly increased my calorie intake from about 1400 to 1800 cals and am still losing weight at the same rate, if not faster. If you eat higher-nutrient foods, and a decent amount of calories you will probably feel better and stick with it.

    Last of all, building muscle certainly helps burn fat in the long run and if you're beginning you will probably see great progress just doing easy and basic body-weight exercises at home. Building and toning muscles really improves the shape of your body, even if you are aren't doing body-building routines.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Timthetaco View Post
    I'm of the opinion that if you're not finding success on a low carb diet, it's not a terrible idea to eat more carbohydrates. It's probably a lot easier and more delicious than hCG, fasting or wasting money on unnecessary bloodwork.
    Agreed. Sometimes a body needs change.
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    Hi Kavinsky,

    I regained a stone over 2012 and decided last month to lose it in the most stress free way has worked remarkably well, I have lost 10 pounds in a month and have retained my energy levels, and I haven't become obsessed about counting calories, carbs, blah blah blah blah...not to belittle the importance of calories and carbs though.

    Here is what I did:

    Homework stage: set aside an hour or so to break down your nutrition and exercise strategy.
    Calories: IF doesn't work for me as it makes me feel too wired, and I loathe weighing everything I eat, so I used a slightly looser but effective strategy: Calculate maintenance calories, eat 100 or 200 calories over this every 4th day. Days 1,2 & 3 reduce calories using this formula: max. 31 calories for every pound of fat that you desire to lose. I personally didn't go quite this low as I would rather exercise a little more instead, I used 2000 for high cal days, 1300 for weight loss days.

    Meal planning: Now list the foods you eat regularly including any unhealthy foods whose cravings you frequently succumb to! I find eating a large breakfast and inner with a small snack for lunch is the most enjoyable way to allocate calories across meals as I prefer to be satiated after a meal instead of having bird portions. Using fitday or some other calorie counter, build meals you'll enjoy determining how many grams/quantity of each food you will need. I do not bother calculating low cal veg as the calorie content is minimal.

    When you have your basic plan then create healthy substitutes for treats. I had a weakness for brownies so I found a health food shop that sells totally natural brownies made from fruit, cocoa, coconut oil and other Primal friendly ingredients that taste just as good and I eat this a few hours after sprint or strength training as a reward!

    Over the next few days weigh your foods so you know the portion sizes, make notes if needed (ie palm size, dessert spoon). After a few days I knew what each meal looked like on a portion size level and had no need to chart or weigh anything. Some days I ate a little more or less than planned, it need not be perfect.

    Exercise: The Sprint 8 protocol is brutal but I have found it to be excellent for fat loss. Sprint at highest intensity possible for 30 secs, active recover for 1:30 secs, repeated 8 times, with a warm up and cool down. Build up to 8 reps gradually. I use an exercise bike for this as I do it 2-3 times a week and have an injured knee.

    Strength train at home with bodyweight exercises, I use Fitness 666. If you use shorter rest intervals of a minute or so and superset the exercises this is apparently better for weight loss due to increased growth hormone secretion.

    Allow plenty of time for recovery and listen to your body as opposed to following a strict regime....if I don't have enough sleep or still feel sore I move my workout back a day. No I sprint at a higher intensity my workouts are becoming less frequent as I need more recovery.

    Try and walk everywhere. Fast.

    Just drink water or green tea.

    Destress. Meditative exercise, Frolov device, QiGong, a nice bath. Whatever floats your boat.

    That is what worked for me, good luck!

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    Emily, that sounds like great advice and covers all bases - diet, planning, exercise, lifestyle. You deserve your success.

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    Just go to the gym. No one gives a fuck. If they do, they are not working out very hard, and why would you care about their opinion.

    I used to go to a gym at 5'7 260 lbs. People were very nice, no one stared or commented. A few people helped. THe nicest people to me were the big, buff guys.
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