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Thread: Primal Diva's Journal: From FMP's to VFF's!

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    Primal Diva's Journal: From FMP's to VFF's!

    Today was bizarro-day. Seriously, I felt amazing when I was up and moving, but woke up really hungry this morning. Made it through my AM class (no PM class today, thank goodness) and then came home to have my weirdo go-to breakfast: Wild smoked salmon on a sheet of toasted nori, sprinkled with flaxseeds, with enough cream cheese to seal it into a “burrito” of sorts. Hey, don’t knock it- it’s full of tasty Omega-3’s, it’s quick and easy, and it doesn’t involve cooking, pans, or general kitchen messiness.

    I also went over to the dark side. People on MDA have advised me that I should check out FitDay. I have been looking into Fitday to replace Sparkpeople for awhile. While I will always have a soft spot in my heart for SP (and still keep posting there, bien sūr), I need a program that is not quite so ruled by conventional wisdom, and that doesn’t freak out when I tell it exactly HOW MUCH FAT I ate on any given day. While I was sleuthing around, I decided that I would rather buy the software- the free version was OK, but not exactly what I wanted. I accidentally ran across a $10 discount coupon, so it was only $19.95. I don’t remember the code, but I uploaded it to Retail Me Not- it’s under

    In other exciting news in my random life, GoWear Fit is now offering skins to customize my armband, and eventually (hopefully) a less-obtrusive gray armband with a chrome plastic housing. I know I will still get tons of questions about it, but at least it will blend into my emsembles better, and I won’t look like I am in mourning or making a political statement. Hopefully. I am looking forward to being able to change it up a little.

    So I went to work, had my breakfast, did all this research, and The Man was still not up yet. I crawled back into bed…and that’s all she wrote. I ended up taking a SIX hour nap.
    This is a weird, but documented behavior. I did this last week too, and it seems to happen when I have eaten quite a bit of high sodium cured meat. Last time around, it was bacon, and this time, it was Trader Joe’s Pinot Grigio salami. No more. I think I finally know my limits. I hate losing the whole afternoon like that!

    Ended up doing some cooking for the week and cleaning up. Then The Man came home, and wanted to go on “an adventure” – we can’t do our usual Adventure Sunday this week because of Mother’s Day- so we headed over to Stinson Beach. It ended up getting dark before we could go on a trek (which I badly needed after my slothful day, but oh well), but The Man took some great pictures, and we found a fantastic restaurant: The Sand Dollar. They had great Primal appetizers- we decided to be adventuous, and had the filet mignon tartare, with organic greens and a quail egg. It was a night to splurge a little- I had my usual dirty Ketel One martini! Dinner was a pork shank with aioli and artisan cheese, on top of a dab of mashed potatoes. (I know, not Primal- I only had a bite or two.) I ordered berry cobbler for dessert- The Man ate the cobbler part, I ate the berries and a few bites of ice cream. We will definitely be going back.

    Some photos from our adventure this evening:

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