Americans are obsessed with science.

I'd like to take a moment to point out that science is a religion in the USA. We encounter it every day in these long discussions on the internet. People will shout out "you have no proof, show me the science!". Let's bring out the witchdoctor to settle it, they exclaim! Human intuition, instinct and common sense are subordinate to science in the Western hierarchy of values. That's not to say people are consciously aware of this, values are instilled from a young age, and every sane person in the USA values science.

Science however, is now the puppet of industry.

Thus I'd suggest giving thought to a few things:

A) You aren't going to be able to make sense of anything now, not using science as a guide. "Science" is now a form of propaganda. It influences the attitude and behavior of the masses by selectively presenting the results of some myopic study as "science", thus being thought impartial and indisputable. Americans worship science, so if you control science, you control their behavior.

B) Science is a tool to cause confusion and thus paralysis. This is somewhat the same as point (A) in that it can be used to control behavior. The "science" will always contradict itself depending on who funded it. It will then be parroted on the internet by pseudo-intellectuals who have no idea what it means, if it means anything, which is probably doesn't. The masses, being rightly confused by all the contradictory findings, will give up trying to figure out what's up, thus continuing with what they were doing, thus preserving industry profits.

C) If you think you are going to bring about industry change thru "the truth being revealed thru science", which is funded by industry, that's absurd.

D) The grand wizards of science are the ones who brought you margarine, the genetically modified soy bean, and modern farming techniques. Thus even if "science" were actual science, and even if science were not the dog of industry, and even if science were not the main propaganda tool of the government/corporations...perhaps it just isn't that great. [idea]

Just some early morning thoughts while sucking down my "artery clogging saturated fat" heavy cream latte...cheers.