April 1 start date...hmmm...well, I'm not feeling like a fool for jumping into Whole 30. I went Primal in February of 2012, and have been at least 80%, probably more like 90% most of the time, though in the winter I started having more wine and chocolate (80-90%). I never feel the urge for breads or pasta, and really sweet things (cakes, cookies) are a turn-off I've lost weight, stabilized energy levels, gotten leaner and stronger, all the good things you read about on the success stories, though my weight crept up from a low of 173 (late summer) to about 177 (winter); still good for a 6'-2", 48-year-old guy, though I wouldn't mind losing that last bit of jiggle-on-the-middle.

I have a loving wife and 2 great kids, a boy, 10, and girl, 8. Our boy has cystic fibrosis, so low-inflammation diet is to be desired, but so are rampant calories (the clinic wants a really high BMI, which is tough with CF digestive issues). Since my wife and kids didn't go Primal with me, there has been some strain in the family with multiple meal preparations, and worse, my implied condemnation of the grains and sweets they would eat (I learned to shut up). But coming back from spring break, having spent time with friends whose kids are doing well on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet due to digestive issues, my wife decided it was time to jump in and see how it would benefit our kids. She wanted to go beyond Primal and do the Whole30 since she suspects our daughter might do better without dairy. She's also a go-for-broke gal when she decides to do something...

We took the kids shopping last night so they could help choose veggies and fruits (and nuts and meats), which we think helps them get on board. Breakfast this morning was bacon, eggs, avocado, and cantaloupe for my wife, son, and me (I had apple instead of melon actually), and salmon and strawberries for our daughter (who doesn't like eggs or melon). Off we go! With gratitude to NomNomPaleo for the great recipes.

I weighed in at 177.5 this morning and am not going to check for 30 days (as instructed...though I'll be tempted!). I have some slight nagging elbow aches, I think due to a lot of pull-ups a few days ago (from NYC scaffolds, thank you spring break and Al Kavadlo), and some tightness in the hips, I think due to having walked many miles on NYC pavements; it will be interesting to see if these aches go away during the next 30 days. I plan to train pretty hard now that spring is here and I can get out more. I usually sleep soundly, but over the last week or so I've been waking up during the night; I can fall back asleep pretty easily, but will be interested to see how sleep goes on the Whole30 as well.