I suspect my endocrinologist will want to put me on statins.

My cholesterol test 4 months ago was not great. HDL was low, LDL was high. I don't have the exact numbers in front of me, but my trigs were 81....I remember that.
Don't remember C-peptide levels, but I believe they were within the normal range.
It was not an expanded cholesterol panel, so I don't know LDL-p level at all.

I got another blood test last week, but since I've only been Primal for 6 weeks I don't have much hope for big improvements. The best I'm hoping for at this stage is that my HDL has gone up.
So I believe he will want me to start taking statins because he talked about it at my appointment. I did get him to agree that he was willing to experiment with taking me off them if I lost some weight, so at least there's hope of going off them but what I wonder is should I even take them at all?
On one hand thought that I'm building plaques in my arteries scares me, but I also know that the evidence statins are helpful for women is poor.
I kind of figure I'll have to take them for a little, but hopefully I can lose some weight by my next appointment (in 6 months) and he'll agree it's okay to try without them.

I'm 26, female, have PCOS with mild IR.