Hi All, new here. I've been primal since 2011 and look at MDA almost daily, but have never posted to the forum, so please be gentle.

I've been doing some research on why, at 33 years old, I have acne and patches of dry skin. There's lots of information about how dairy can affect you skin so I'm thinking of giving it up temporarily to see if it helps. The question is, if you've given up dairy to improve you skin and gotten great results, did you have to give everything up or just cut back?

I normally use some Kerrigold pastured butter when cooking breakfast and dinner, maybe a 1/2 cup of full fat Greek yogurt, a whole milk latte, and some goat cheese or blue cheese on my salad. Would I need to give this all up, even down to the butter, or has anyone had success with just cutting out some types of dairy?

Thanks for any help or suggestions. Any dairy-acne related success stories?