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    "Hehehe," she giggled happily.

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    Did anyone notice the date???

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    Quote Originally Posted by marthat View Post
    Did anyone notice the date???
    Honestly, no, I didn't make the connection this was April Fool's Day.

    I think everyone knew it was joke though. That much was pretty obvious ;-)

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    I had a similar affliction when eating a lot of taters, but instead of eyes sprouting, I just turned into a 316 pound human potato.

    Exhibit A:

    May not be entirely potato related, as there was nothing off-limits in my old WOE except fish, and besides nothing being off limits, there generally were no limits.

    I'm at 199 pounds as of Sunday morning, and started the potato hack today to see if the next ten pounds are easier than the last ten pounds, which took four months and a lot more effort than any other period since I went primal-ish in November 2011.

    EDIT: Me last January at 209 pounds:

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    Good deal! Good luck with the hacks croak.

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    We expect you to look like this when done!


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