I purchased the weekly menu plan becasue I thought it would be helpful for me to break some boredom and have a tightknit concrete plan to tighten up up and lose my last 20 pounds. Three years ago I started my weight loss journey and since then have lost 100 pounds. I began paleo/primal eating about 2 years ago and eat very strict all week but Ithink I was indulging a bit much on some weekends. I just read the primal blueprint and ordered the meal plan to break things up and hopefully get that last 20 pounds off. Like I said I am very strict most of ther time---plants and animals. for the last 2 months I pretty much don't even eat fruit or tubers trying to lean out. and definitetly not coconut flours, almonds flours or paste, chocolate, honey, etc. in other words I have not been using paleo/primal recipes of baked goods.etc that try to simulate modern day dishes. strictly plants and animals.

so when I got the menu plan I ws SHOCKED to see some of the items in the plan: kielbasa, italian sausage, ham, ground sausage, pepperoni, breakfast sausage links (these HIGHLY processed meats scheduled for FIVE meals), parmesan chesse, mozzarella cheese, etc and all these things planned for all the same week!!!

I am very confused! does anyone else use this menu plan that can be purchased on Marks Daily Apple? It seeems to go against evertything I have learned about primal eating as far as the plan inclides foods that are highly processed.

Am I being way t ostrict and restrictive? Is that my problem?

Advice, feedback please!