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    Wont be doing that again thank you very much!

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    Since oct '12 I have cut out all grains, sugars and commenced the HFLC way. Felt amazing and even managed to consistently lose centimetres over xmas and this year.

    But I succumbed on easter sunday to a hot cross bun and the stuffing in a roast chicken. Wow, I must be so intolerant to gluten as since sunday afternoon I've been suffering with the worst heartburn, tummy pain and my skin feels all pins and needles and like it is burning.

    I feel miserable and have been taught a good lesson. My body will no longer tolerate wheat and crappy processed food. At least it cements that the way I'm eating is what my body loves.

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    After every major holiday, we get a slew of "Never doing that again" posts. Until the next holiday.
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    Same thing happens to I just stopped eating any and all grains. I can't imagine how I ate them most of my life and didn't notice anything was amiss. Was I that disconnected from my body? Anyway, I hear you and hope you feel better soon. I managed to cook a nice paleo-style lamb dinner and no one missed the grains.

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