Had a big shopping day yesterday and I did really well during it. I am normally really exhausted and can't really keep my energy up for it, but I was feeling strong and energised yesterday!

I didn't eat breakfast, had tuna/vegie left overs for lunch and a berry juice. Then later in the afternoon I ate 2 dark chocolate/passionfruit squares. For dinner I had a steak and some spinach and mushrooms. Tasty!!!
My partner can't quite believe how much meat I am eating! it sure is different for me...but feeling good.

I am having moments of feeling my digestion trying to adjust and a bit of constipation, but I am riding through it and trying to feel out this new way of being.

Think I need to stop weighing myself so often. It is a little sad to weigh yourself every day. I am just wanting results! I am not exercising yet...just the usual life stuff...walking around...packing my house blah blah...

People not in my body see results, and so do I...and that should be all that counts!