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Thread: DHA from algae-- it just doesn't sound right.

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    DHA from algae-- it just doesn't sound right.

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    In one of the threads on freetheanimal, some 'paleo' vegans were talking about getting their omega-3 DHA from algae instead of fish. The only research I could find was a 28 day study that appeared to be by people with connections to sellers of algae-DHA. The 28 day study suggested bioavailability was identical, but it just doesn't add up to me.

    Am I missing something, or should we all be getting our DHA directly from algae? I suspect there are synergistic effects to getting DHA from fish/meat/etc. that would obviously be missing from a 28 day study, but I can't prove it. It just doesn't 'feel' like the right way to source omega-3.

    Does anyone have more data on the whole DHA from algae thing?

    ETA: did a little more googling, found a 14 day study claiming DHA from cooked salmon was identical to DHA from algae. I am beginning to see a pattern here regarding research on algae-sourced DHA (usually referred to as algal oil)...
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    I could look later for you but I immediately put it in the whole "protein from beans" and "O3 from Flax" and "Protein from Soy" category! I cant imagine the bioavailibility would be similar. In addition, are the paleo vegans even getting enough O3 at all? I would wager that my fish oil (or really in my case herring and sardines!) and grassfedness would be better for total O3 intake. Just my thoughts.
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